Expanding Your Reach in Gastroenterology

Our Gastroenterology products are used for therapeutic and palliative management of stones, malignant tumors and benign strictures, delivering precise ablation, vaporization, incision, excision and coagulation of highly targeted areas with minimal thermal effect to surrounding areas.The SlimLine SIS GI is the first fiber designed specifically for GI procedures. A patented fiber tip design facilitates laser technology through the cholangioscope.

  • Long enough to reach the bile duct
  • Passes easily through tight turns in the scope
  • Advances to the operative site with the scope in position

*Holmium-YAG Laser Lithotripsy in the Treatment of Pancreaticobiliary Calculi Utilizing Peroral Single Operator Cholangioscopy (SpyGlass®): An Update on a Multi-Center Experience; Dr. Sandeep Patel, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX; Presentation given at DDW 2010.

Gastroenterology Applications


Stone Management

Effective on all stone types, including pigmented and calcium stones, bile duct stones, pancreatic duct stones and large impacted stones. A 97.3% bile duct stone clearance rate has been reported with the VersaPulse holmium laser and SlimLine GI fiber.

Malignant Neoplasm

Effectively treats benign and malignant neoplasms, including, Cholangio carcinoma, Duodenal Cancer, and Esophageal tumors.

Benign Stricture

Effective for a wide range of strictures, including Biliary, Esophageal and Colonic Strictures.

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