Powerful Versatility for the Treatment of BPH, Stones, Tumors and Strictures

Our holmium lasers and delivery devices are considered the standard of care in Urology, delivering clinically proven, minimally invasive treatment solutions for BPH, stones, strictures and tumors.

Our commitment to innovation has led to many industry firsts:

  • First to receive FDA clearance for the treatment of BPH with the holmium laser
  • First to develop multi-wavelength surgical lasers
  • First to develop a powerful 100 watt holmium laser

The holmium laser provides a less invasive and more effective treatment for stones of all sizes, delivering a greater than 95% success rate in a single treatment. 1

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1. Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine & Surgery, 1998 Vol. 16, M. Grasso, MD & Y. Chalik, MD, Principles and Applications of Laser Lithotripsy: Experience with the Holmium Laser Lithotrite.

With more than 14 randomized controlled trials, spanning more than a decade, it is no surprise that the AUA and EAU both support HoLVP and HoLEP as a first line procedure for the treatment of BPH. Precise and controlled cutting and ablation allows the holmium laser energy to penetrate just enough to ablate tissue without the charring, deep thermal necrosis or collateral damage often seen with other laser treatments.

Proven Procedures for the Desired Clinical Outcome


(Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate) Proven effective for prostates of all sizes

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(Holmium Laser Ablation of the Prostate) Proven effective for small to medium prostates

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Effectively treat tumors & strictures throughout the urinary tract with little risk to surrounding areas.

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