Urinary Stones: Kidney, Ureter And Bladder

The Holmium laser has significantly improved the management of stones, providing a less invasive and more effective treatment. Holmium lasers and associated fibers effectively fragment stones of any composition or size throughout the urinary tract. Holmium lasers are used in urology procedures such as percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and ureteroscopy.

Stone Dusting™

The use of the Lumenis Pulse and VersaPulse® PowerSuite™ high power laser systems enables a novel stone management technique called Stone-Dusting™.

Using high repetition rates (50 Hertz) at lower energy pulses (0.2-0.5 Joules), the Lumenis Pulse and VersaPulse lasers effectively pulverize stones to fine dust. This reduces the use of baskets and other fragment extraction tools.

ESWL vs. Holmium Stone Outcomes ESWL Holminum
Number of treatments 2.5 1
Single treatment success 20-60 % 90-100%
Result Smaller Stones Stone free

Lumenis Holmium Laser and Fibers for Optimal Lithotripsy Outcome

Lumenis provides a range of reusable SlimLine™ fibers and disposable SlimLine EZ™ fibers for Laser Lithotripsy with the Pulse and VersaPulse families of products. These high quality fibers are custom designed to be used with Lumenis lasers.

For flexible Laser Ureteroscopy, the most suitable fiber is SlimLine 200 D/F/L – the SmoothTip fiber. It allows for maximal deflection of the flexible scope and effectively fragment or Dust stones in hard to reach locations

Benefits of Stone Management with Lumenis Lasers

  • Treat all stone compositions
  • Disposable and reusable fibers used with either flexible or rigid scopes
  • Enables Stone-Dusting™ to minimize stone movement
  • Designed for homeostasis
  • >95% success with single treatment1


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