Holmium Lasers

About Holmium Lasers

Holmium lasers, or in fact, holmium:YAG lasers, are solid-state, pulsed lasers that emit light at a wavelength of 2.1 microns.

Holmium lasers can be transmitted through optical fibers which makes them highly suitable for endoscopic surgery in a variety of clinical specialties. Holmium lasers are especially known in urology for treatment of stones, BPH and tumors but also in other specialties such as Gastroenterology, Pulmonology and Orthopedics.

How Holmium Lasers Work?

The holmium laser, which operates in a wavelength of 2.1 microns, is highly absorbed by water and has a shallow penetration depth of approximately 0.4 mm. As a pulsed mode laser, the Holmium reduces deeper thermal effects and charring which are more prevalent in Continues Wave lasers (e.g. Thulium, KTP). The shallow penetration depth minimizes the coagulation zone and collateral damage to sensitive surrounding tissue for clean and precise incision and tissue vaporization (also called ablation). The combination of the controlled penetration depth and the water absorption characteristics reduce the energy that can reach the non-target tissue, contributing to the safety profile of the procedure. Hemostasis is achieved by modulating laser parameters and focal distance. In addition, the thermal effect, created by laser energy that is absorbed by the water contained in the stones, as well as the stone composites, can be used to break stones of any size or composition, making holmium lasers the standard –of-care for laser lithotripsy.

The Lumenis Holmium Laser Solution

Lumenis pioneered the introduction of Holmium lasers for surgical use, leveraging the unique advantages of the Holmium wavelength and mode of operation, starting with the first 100 watt VersaPulse holmium laser system and is continuously leading this field with the introduction of the new Lumenis Pulse family of laser system being the state of the art in the field of endoscopic laser treatments.

With a special focus on Urology treatments for both Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and laser lithotripsy, the wide range of the Pulse family of lasers systems and fibers offer the versatility and capabilities needed for urologist ranging from high power and mid power to the low power laser systems.

The Lumenis Pulse 120H high power laser system is providing a ultra-high repetition rate of up to 80Hz and a powerful energy of 6J per pulse with a wide performance envelope that provide a versatile tool to cover the needed Urology treatments in an excellent way for HoLEP, Vaporization (HoLVP), Ultra speed Stone Dusting and Laser PCNL.

Lumenis offers a broad line of high quality single use and reusable fibers for Holmium lasers to be used in multiple endoscopic procedures. These fibers are custom designed and validated for use with the Lumenis laser systems for an optimal match of optical characteristics.

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